Custom jinja templates can be specified for the master index file generated when autosaltsls_write_index_page is enabled and for the files used when generating the documentation for a source.

Master Index Template

When autosaltsls_write_index_page is enabled, the AutoSaltSLS extension will look in autosaltsls_index_template_path for a jinja template file called master.rst_t.

Source Templates

For any given source configured in autosaltsls_sources the AutoSaltSLS extension will look for the following template files in the location specified by the template_path setting for that source.

For example:

autosaltsls_sources = {
    'states': {
        'title': 'States',
        'template_path': '_templates/states',


The source-level index.rst file is generated from this template. It will list any Top Files found in the source location and other files as Entries.


The top.rst for a Top File (either top.sls or a file identified using the topfile directive) is rendered using this template.


If a source contains a directory in which are sls files, the directory sls object’s main.rst file is rendered using this template. If the directory contains and init.sls file, that is displays here as the main entry contents and any other sls files in the directory are listed as Elements.


Any non-Top sls file’s sls.rst file is rendered using this template. It displays the header entry and any sub- entries.